History of Homeopathy

History of Homeopathy

History of Homeopathy - Wilhelm Ameke

Its origin & Its Conflicts

Edited by Dudgeon and translated by Drysdale, this thorough survey of Hahnemann's ideas and activities, opposition to homeopathy and contemporary trends in medicine (in the 1880s) contains substantial documentary evidence.

The publisher:

"Longer you see in the past Further you see in future."

The above is an old wisdom by a historian who understood the necessity of studying history from a utilitarian point of view.

There are thousands of publications on 'History of Medicine. Study of history is not only to study the account of period, circumstances, importance and implications of great discoveries but also of the biographical account of the great geniuses and great men involved.

This book teaches the evolution of the Sciences and Art of Medicine and keeps us alert and watchful against follies of the past and tendencies which were responsible for them. In addition it tells us about the logic, necessity and methods of discarding or avoiding those follies.

512 pages, pb
publication 2013
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ISBN: 978-81-319-0185-4


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