Handbook of Homoeopathic Practice

Handbook of Homoeopathic Practice

Handbook of Homoeopathic Practice - C.G. Puhlmann

This work is based on the experience obtained in the course of about thirty years of homoeopathic practice. Owing to the circumstance that no observer has himself seen and examined the whole of the subjects, covering the entire range of medicine, on which he writes, and that in the short space of human life it is impossible to have witnessed all that is described in a complete therapeutic treatise, the author has from the commencement of the work, extending over a period of more than teil years, obtained both the direct and indirect co-operation of skilled and judicious observers who possess a thorough knowledge of materia medica and are experienced in therapeutics; for the determination of therapeutic results is always to be attained if those who have experience can also observe correctly.

For this reason the confirmation of the efficacy and the practical use of homoeopathic therapeutics is only exceptionally sought where it is customary to look for it, that is, in Professional Journals, for the cases of cure which are published are almost exclusively an exhibit of successes, and it is not reported that to half a dozen cases of cures there are as many cases of failures. 


609 pages, hb
publication 1994
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