Human Pathology

Human Pathology

Human Pathology - Balaram Jana

(Bacteriology, Parasitology, General Pathology and Spot Light)


Including microbiology and parasitology in questions - answers format for homoeopathy students.

About the book:

The knowledge of bacteriology is never the less important to become a complete homeopathic physician as it is more important for the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention of diseases and general management of a case. Similarly pathology gives us the knowledge for diseases determination, prognosis, for discrimination between symptoms of the patient and symptoms of the disease and for adjusting the dose and potency of indicated homeopathic remedy.

As this book is written on a model of answers to questions of the important Universities. As far as possible most of the subject matters have been covered and written in a concise and simplified form according to latest syllabus for degree. To make it a Standard help as well as text book in place of any standard textbook the matter of this book has been derived from reference of different standard textbooks, research journals and papers on this subject, and are compiled in a compact and simplified form. The most important figures and latest concept of this subject have been incorporated whenever needed. 


416 pages, pb
publication 2009
product no. 01501
weight: 480g
ISBN: 978-81-319-0756-6

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