King Gland Prostate

King Gland Prostate

King Gland Prostate - Shiv Dua

Prostate enlargement is one of the most common problems among men in their old age. It develops as a result of dietary, environmental and hereditary factors. Treatment can be most successful if the condition is found early. Here is a book, which helps in understanding and detecting the problem at an early age. The book also suggests many dietary advices and alternative therapies, which can be useful if one does not want to go for surgery or in cases where surgery is not advisable. Your self-help guide for prostate.

Highlights of the book:

•    Causes, signs & symptoms of prostate enlargement
•    Cancer of prostate gland
•    Care & cure of prostate cancer
•    Yoga
•    Acupressure
•    Magneto therapy
•    Homeopathy
•    Also includes ayurveda, naturopathy & diet


224 pages, pb
publication 2011
product no. 03872
weight: 290g
ISBN: 978-81-319-0345-2


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